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Corrupted disk labels

    Date: 21 Feb 90  3:29
    From: Dan Razzell <razzell@cs.ubc.ca>

    How does one recover from a corrupted disk on a standalone machine?
    Assuming just a few blocks are corrupted, and one of them happens to
    be the label block, what can be done from the FEP to repair them?
    Or do I have to reformat the whole thing?

    Date: Wed, 21 Feb 1990  9:35:15 UTC-0500
    From: P. T. Withington <ptw@edvac.scrc.symbolics.com>

    The FEP label is replicated a number (like ~ 32) of times, so you
    must have more than a few blocks corrupted if you cannot boot Lisp.
    Assuming that only some of the label copies are damaged, you can
    rewrite them from Lisp.  Look at SI:EDIT-FEP-LABEL in

The problem, of course, is that the machine crashed when the disk failed.
Any repairs have to be done from the FEP, since the Lisp environment is
not available.

Let me verify something important.  You're saying that *all* copies of the
label block must be bad for the FEP to report failure?