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Re: Corrupted disk labels

Just a reminder:  If you have more than one Symbolics that use the same
disk types, you can often mount the problem disk as, say, the second
disk on a running Symbolics.

If the failed disk only has worlds that you can rebuild or copy from
somewhere else, you may just want to reformat, (if you might turn off
the machine or didn't SCAN the disk flods, you should have the
breath-of-life tape handy), rebuild the initial file system (which
specifies where the bad blocks are) from the tape for that disk drive,
load a world onto the machine, and go on from there.

If the disk had LMFS files that you can't easily recover, you probably
do want to try to recover without reformatting by swapping the disk
to another machine (by cross-connecting the cables and all the other
details (like unit select numbers)).