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Re: Corrupted disk labels

    Date: Wed, 21 Feb 90 19:56 PST
    From: Reti@STONY-BROOK.SCRC.Symbolics.COM (Kalman Reti)

    I think you can use the BOL tape to attempt to just write the initial fep
    filesystem, without reformatting.  You can also only reformat the cylinders
    that need it.  If you do that, you may still be able to recover LMFS files
    that weren't on the cylinders formatted or of the files restored from the
    BOL tape.

You'd need to develop quite a bit of FEPFS and LMFS debugging technology
to make the above suggestions useful.  Writing the initial file system
overwrites the previous FEP directory structure, so you'd have to go
hunting for the blocks that made up the old files.  Also, blocks that
were previously in the LMFS may get reused for the new files.