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How do I find out what the HARDWARE ethernet addresses of our 3650 hosts are.

If I do a:  Show Machine Configuration
command on a host that is a 3670, it includes the entry:

IO Paddle Card (P/N 170162, Serial 1268) in LBus slot 12 -- PADDLE side:
    Manufactured on 5/18/86 as rev 1, functions as rev 1, ECO level 0
    Ethernet Address: 08-00-05-02-A0-27.

Which tells me that that machines HARDWARE Ethernet Address is 08-00-05-02-A0-27
does anybody know how to do that for 3650's ???  (By the way, our XL400 DOES
also give us the needed information.)

Thanks for the help.

eric   (buckman@alan.decnet.lockheed.com)