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Re: More on Genera 8.0

    Date: Wed, 21 Feb 90 11:37:58 EST
    From: buff%pravda@gatech.edu (Richard Billington)

    About the ability to run more than one Symbolics from a Sun, as I
    remember it the UX400 needs only a single slot in a Sun, and the
    Sparc 330 (the minimal Sparcstation taking symbolics boards) has three
    slots that it can go in. Does this mean: 1 x SPARCstation 330, 2 x
    additional 300+Mb disks, 2 Xterminals, 3 Symbolics UX400S and software
    YIELDS three near-top-end Symbolics? Do we need more than ethernet
    port to make this work effectively?

The 4/330 indeed has 3 tall slots, but one will be unusable if you put a
console board in. If you want to get expanded UX400 memory, that needs
another slot too. But barring memory, you would want 3 Xterminals, not two,
or only two UX400s boards, and one Xterminal.

I don't know what the performance implications are of this configuration,
but I'd love to hear them. Eric Byers, with the sales support group in
Manilus tells me that you really want the local console for development
work, remotely the windows are much slower. For delivery, it's a more
reasonable configuration, though...

Will two 300mb disks really be enough? You'll need paging for 4 machines
(the three 400s's and UNIX, plus e unix fs for the unix kernel, /etc, etc.