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load spikes using UX400 in Sun4/280

Has anyone else experienced load average spikes on their embedded-host
when using the genera program?  We have a UX400S plugged into a
Sun4/280.  The Sun has 32meg of physical memory and the UX has 4mw.
Every once in a while, probably once an hour, the load average on the
Sun jumps up to about 40 or 50!  When this happens, there appear to be
the usual number of processes running, and no significant increase in
paging and memory use on the Sun.  We can't seem to figure out what exactly
is causing the load increase.  Killing the genera process is the only
way to stop the load spike.

has anyone had similar problems with the UX400? 

-- David Magerman (magerman@linc.cis.upenn.edu)
University of Pennsylvania LINC Laboratory