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FTP from a 3640 ??

    Date: Thu, 22 Feb 90 09:45 EST
    From: bill@Cassiopeia.Mystech.Dialnet.Symbolics.COM (Bill Anderson)


    Recently there have been a few messages about files being made available to anyone
    who would want them, to get them via FTP.

    I hope I'm not embarrassing myself by being too stupid, but is there any way to
    FTP from a 3640 (7.2) over dialnet ???
The short answer is no; FTP is an internet protocol that requires a control and a data
connection to be open simultaneously, dialnet only supports a single connection.  In
order to make FTP (or any other file protocol) work over dialnet, some sort of multiplexing
would have to be added.

    If not, what alternative do I have ??
A friend with access to the Internet who's willing to send you a tape?

	      Bill Anderson

    PS- in particular I was interested in the Zgraph files

The entire set is a little over a megabyte; at 1200 baud assuming no overhead (ha!)
and no communications snafus, that's two and a half hours.  Moreover, even if FTP
were available and you were to use it for this, if you got any error at all you'd
have to start over again from the beginning since the protocol doesn't have support
for sending part of a file, so a tape is still probably better.  If you only wanted
some of the files, or something else reasonably small, sending them via mail might
be an acceptable alternative.