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    Date: Thu, 22 Feb 90 15:02:46 EST
    From: rshapiro@arris.com (Richard Shapiro)

    Has anyone succeeded in getting a UNIX-RSH protocol running via tcp? I
    gave up when I discovered that the lispm tcp insists in local port
    numbers greater than 1024, while Unix rsh insists on local port
    numbers between 512 and 1023.

I modified the TCP medium to support a :privileged-port option, which
causes it to choose a local port between 512 and 1023, in order to
implement this.

If you have ILA-NFS you can look at how Chris Lindblad did this for UDP.
I think it works by looking for an unused low-numbered port and
specifying this as the local-port argument when opening the connection.
I didn't implement RSH this way because I think there are race
conditions (my version runs in a part of TCP that disables interrupts).

If you have a Symbolics source license I can send you my patches, along
with my implementations of RSH and REXEC.