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Anybody need Release 6 manuals?

   Date: Fri, 23 Feb 90 14:37:15 PST
   From: Monty Kosma <kosma%stc-sun@stc.lockheed.com>
   cc: slug%alan@stc.lockheed.com

      Date: Thu, 22 Feb 90 16:22:58 PST
      From: rshu@ads.com (Richard Shu)

      We're about to throw out a bunch but I saved them in case anybody
      is willing to give them a good home.  I'm thinking of you, Ken Forbus.


   if no takers, they burn quite nicely on cold winter evenings...

My favorite use for these has been to prop up the monitors to
a reasonable height.  (No, I don't need any more of them.)