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SLUG90 Tutorials ...

         SLUG90 Tutorials ...

PLEASE GIVE ME MORE FEEDBACK! If you have a suggestion for another tutorial
topic, please include that (i.e. write-ins are accepted). Meanwhile ...


INITIAL FEEDBACK: Number of votes and some editted comments. First, the
initial votes and then a more detailed summary of comments.

5 - Strategies for Porting Applications Using CLOS and CLIM.
4 - ... converting from being a Flavors user to being a CLOS user ...
1 - Statice
8 - CLIM: An Introduction and Theory of Use
4 - Network Connections between Unix and Genera

Given that CLIM and CLOS seem to have the most interest, the following
suggestion: Give 1/2 day on CLIM (as above), give 1/2 day on converting
to CLOS, and the second day, the full day on Porting.

However, it would seem that the CLIM 1/2 day and the Porting full-day
would have lots of overlap. Perhaps the above schedule with Networks
substituted for the 1/2 day CLIM.

5  A full-day seminar (Allan Wechsler, for those of you who know) on
   Strategies for Porting Applications Using CLOS and CLIM.

	I presume this is taking Symbolics-developed,
	flavor-based systems and moving to non-symbolics
	(non-Ivory) platforms. I want to know the fastest way to
	do it, keep performance, and what things will be hairy
	about it.

	... a bias towards some case studies as opposed to an
	overall philosophy would be more helpful ... explain the
	CLIM model to us, but also provide help in contrasting
	it with the Presentations we use now.  ... there are
	(at least) two issues to be covered for both CLOS and
		* How are they designed to be used 
		* How are they different from their predecessors
	In the first case we are talking about an overview of
	possible styles of usage. In the latter case we are
	doing a more nuts and bolts review of what doesn't fit
	and why. Ideally a full day seminar for both CLOS and
	CLIM would cover both aspects.

4  A full-day seminar on CLOS; namely converting from being a Flavors user
   to being a CLOS user (also Allan Wechsler).

	[The general impression given is that this conversion is
	a NOP except for unusual flavor inheritances. Maybe
	that's just PR; if so, this could generat a lot of
	interest (I would be interested to hear the replies).
	If not, hwo can you spend a day on this? Sounds too
	elementary for current SLUG attendees.]

	This could easily be a half-day tutorial 
        (with preperation and without ramblings).

1  A half-day tutorial on Stattice: An Introduction and Theory of Use

8  A half-day tutorial on CLIM: An Introduction and Theory of Use

	... this is different from the first one here, I
	suppose, because it doesnt talk so much about porting,
	but only using the CLIM stuff to write applications in
	general. If CLIM is portable, then those two sub-topics
	are the same. I prefer the first one therefore.

	We intend to port our dynamic windows interface and
	colour screen stuff to CLIM if possible.  It is not yet
	entirely clear that we can do this.

	I'd expect to get out knowing how to port my DW stuff to
	CLIM; that is, for most of the things I do with DW, how
	I'd do them with CLIM.

4  A half-day tutorial on Network Connections between Unix and Genera,
   in particular RPC (remote procedure call) to unix and how to make them
   robust (e.g. how to do good error-handling of RPC's).

	We have several suns with various boards that the
	symbolics need to control (e.g., an ieee488 board, a
	taac bored, etc).  Most of the control consists of
	simply starting various pgms, so perhaps a remote rsh
	from the symb to unix would work.

	I might be interested in this, I'd expect to leave
	knowing how to set up a good robust interconnection
	between, say, lisp/c processes running in allegro and
	servers running on a Symbolics. And vice-versa.