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Using the Sound Manager in MacIvory

According to the MacIvory Programmer's Reference, I should be able to
access the following two functions:

_SndPlay (channel sndhdl async) 
_SndNewChannel (chan synth init userroutine) -> newchan

According to Inside Macintosh Vol. 5, the corresponding toolbox
routines, SndPlay and SndNewChannel, should work if you pass NIL as the
first argument; i.e. the toolbox will generate a channel for you if you
don't have one in hand to pass as the first argument.  Without this
capability I don't see how to gat a channel to begin with.

But if I do:

(_SndPlay nil (_getresource "snd " 4) t)


(_SndNewChannel nil 0 0 nil)

in either case I get into the debugger with the error:

mac-os-error-badchannel: Invalid channel queue length

So, how do I get around this error?  Alternatively how do I get my hands
on a sound channel?


Larry Baum
Boeing Advanced Technology Center