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Using the Sound Manager in MacIvory

    Date: Thu, 1 Mar 90 11:07 PST
    From: larry@atc.boeing.com (Larry Baum)

    According to Inside Macintosh Vol. 5, the corresponding toolbox
    routines, SndPlay and SndNewChannel, should work if you pass NIL as the
    first argument; i.e. the toolbox will generate a channel for you if you
    don't have one in hand to pass as the first argument.  Without this
    capability I don't see how to gat a channel to begin with.

This NIL is a 32-bit 0, not your friend from LISP.

The MTB:_ entries do not convert.

The RPC code is rather reluctant to type check its arguments in the name
of efficiency.  It sent over a few random bits from the pointer field of
the NIL LISP object.