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RE: Genera 8.0 Announcement

I really blew this one. I did not get the most recent version of the
memo from Gary's MacIvory.  The memo that went out to customers says:

"Genera 8.0 will be sent automatically to customers who have systems
 under current warranties or Genera software maintenance contracts.
 Please note that only systems that are covered by these warranties or
 contracts may be loaded with Genera 8.0.
 For questions about eligibility of your site or specific systems at your
 site, or to order software maintenance for uncovered sites or systems,
 please contact Symbolics Contract Administration Department at (818)
 998-3600 or 1-800-824-4263, or your local Symbolics sales

Please excuse me. 

I will make sure that any other points you brought up in your mail will be addressed.