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Dired Problems

There is a neat utility written by Ashdown in S-Hacks,(Hacks used with
S-geometry) that will allow you to do the kinds of things that you want
to do, directly (and interactively) in file system editor: 

 Misc hack: Make ZWEI:DEFAULT-LIST-ONE-FILE display marked files for new FSEdit commands.
 Misc hack: Add extra commands to FSEdit.
 Misc hack: Add extra commands to FSMaint.

These hacks add menu items to the directory menu such as:

Free Records on Host
Tree Edit Defaults
Tree Delete
Tree Copy
Tree Size
Wild Card Mark
Wild Card Unmark
Delete Marked
Copy Marked
Rename Marked
Load Marked
Marked Size

The hacks also provide quick keys like "Meta left" to mark, "ctrl left"
to delete. I do not know if these hacks are public domain or
not as they are released with each new release of the s-products that we

Arthur Keen
Knowledge Based Systems Lab
Texas A&M University.