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CLIM Pricing & Purchase. Again.

    Date: Mon, 5 Mar 90 09:52 PST
    From: taylor@CHARON.arc.nasa.gov (will taylor)

    Since we have now gotten the definitive annoucement on Genera 8.0,
    I would like to get the same for CLIM, including:

    availability date, per cpu price, site price, and date we can submit
    purchase requests thru our local sales reps.

    Thanks - Will Taylor
Additionally, since CLOE (as of May?) will support CLIM, will purchase of the
layered CLIM product be required to take advantage of CLIM/CLOE or will it be
included in the CLOE Developer?  Also, what functionality does the CLOE
developer offer (other than Flavors) over the announced Common Lisp Developer?