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manuals / software support

OK another idea - symbolix sez we don't charge much for addl machines at a
site, and cost to print manuals is high. How about just changing the
software support price structure.

A. First machine at a site.
B. Additional machines at a site that get tapes and doc copies.
C. Additional machines at a site that DONT get tapes OR doc copies. (but
have the right to make network/local copies from class A/B support machines)

I'd expect b to be slightly more expensive than the current addl machine
number, and C to be slightly less... but the thing is that now each user
site can decide for themselves what they need, and pay appropriate amounts.
Someone who only needs 1 copy for 10 machines would save money over what
they pay now. Someone who still needs 1copy/machine would pay a bit more for
the priviledge. The difference between B and C should reflect the actual
marginal cost of producing/shipping the tape and doc set...