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Re: manuals / software support

Brad Miller suggests a three level policy:
A. First machine at a site.
B. Additional machines at a site that get tapes and doc copies.
C. Additional machines at a site that DONT get tapes OR doc copies. (but
have the right to make network/local copies from class A/B support machines)

Well, we now have C, have had A in the past, and when one our machine owners
was dissatisfied with the current state (C), was offered B by our sales reps.
The additonal cost was ~$700 per year.

BTW, I was amused that someone (indirectly) suggests that since his company
can't process a ~$200 purchase order for manuals that SYmbolics was making the
wrong decision in sending out only 1 set per 5 machines. I too vote for the 
1 in 5 policy. I've seen lots of manuals never leave the shrink wrap. You know, 
they once were trees.