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Re: Resetting Time from Network.

    Date: Wed, 7 Mar 90 12:48 PST
    From: snicoud@atc.boeing.com (Stephen Nicoud)

    When I reboot, Genera comes up with the wrong time (it's off by about 10
    minutes).  I can reset the time using the 'Set Time' command.  If I then
    do '(time:initialize-timebase)' it goes out to the network and resets
    the clock to a bogus time.  Repeated calls to (time:initialize-timebase)
    varies the time +- 7 minutes or so on each attempt.

    How can I identify the culprit(s)?  

Try evaluating (net:print-host-times) ; it will give you the time on each
machine on the net your host thinks provides time service. The output is
interesting (it uses the entire internet :-), and breaks after a while. But
the first several numbers are your local machines which are probably all
that's interesting anyway (alternatively, pass hosts as arguments to the fn;
you can query your namespace to find all local hosts that supply the :time
service, and then print their times; it's unlikely you're getting the bogus
time off your own net.

    Is there a way to restrict time
    requests to specified "time servers"?  

You could patch net:get-time-from-network, but that may be overkill. 
You're probably better off taking it apart and trying to figure out where
the bogus time is coming from.

    I removed the TIME service from
    all but a couple of hosts and I made sure those hosts had the correct
    time.  That didn't yield any results.

    Any ideas?


Hope this helps (a little, anyway :-).