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Documentation for 8.0

   Date: Tue, 6 Mar 90 12:12:15 PST
   From: randy@atc.boeing.com (Randy Groves)

   Well we have never complained about having too many copies of the documentation.
   For some reason or other (possibly the slowness) almost all of the folks here
   do not use the Document Examiner, but rely prtty much on the hardcopy.  How
   about giving us all those copies fromthe people who think they're getting too

   Seriously, I was expecting to have ALL of our copies updated - with the amount
   of money that we've been paying over the years for full software support, I think
   we deserve it.  I find the 'new' policy very irritating, and having to pay
   more for the sets of documentation is really a rip-off.  We have been paying
   for full subscription support on ALL of our copies of system software - there
   has been no change in category of support that I am aware of.

we're in the same boat, and if we're forced to purchase the additional
copies of documentation, that will require about six months (and I'm not
exaggerating) of hassling with paperwork and the procurement people trying
to convince them that we have to have these and that well, no, for some
reason they're no longer included in the money we pay for upgrades and
support.  (Last year it took nearly nine months between when we first
ordered TeX for the symbolics and when we received it--and this was only
$70 !!).  Not having updated manuals sounds like it is going to be a real drag...