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Discrete Event Sim in LISP

    Date: Mon, 5 Mar 90 14:22:29 CST
    From: cox@aio.jesnet.jsc.nasa.gov (Brian Cox)

    Hi! Does anyone have any information on 'public domain'
    discrete event simulation code written in LISP?  We are
    developing a qualitative modelling and discrete event
    simulation tool which is currently written on top of KEE
    and SimKit.  We are going to reimplement off of KEE and
    SimKit and would prefer not to be tied down to a vendor.
    However, if there are any discrete event simulation tools
    from a vendor written in LISP and distributed with access 
    to code, this information would be helpful, also. Thanks.

    Brian Cox

While not a lisp package, the GASP language is a set of Fortran routines
that do a very good job. They are published with source code and while I
worked at Symbolics I typed in a subset and compiled them through the
fortran compiler and called them from lisp. The reference that I used in
college is "The GASP IV Simulation Language" by A. Alan B. Pritsker, a
Wiley-Interscience publication. The author was part of the School of
Industrial Engineering @Purdue. My copy is copyrighted in 1974 and is
ISBN 0-471-70045-2. The book includes all the fortran source code... and
Fortran can be written in any language ;^) It did the job in my college
days and was a reasonable industry sample of Fortran source code when I
was testing the compiler. Should be real simple to rewrite in Lisp as you
go along. Quite modular.

Jim Reith
Reith Associates

"Consultants do it by the hour..."