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about time

    Date: Thu, 08 Mar 90 12:02:14 EST
    From: bouma@cs.purdue.edu

[...]         Doesn't the internal calendar clock keep running even when in
	the fep? Then why always go to the network to get the (wrong) time when
	booted? Can I at least isolate the problem to one of the machines in our
	namespace? As always, any help is greatly appreciated.

	Bill <bouma@cs.purdue.edu>

You sound desparate, and so I reply though not having followed the
discussion much, and offering only that our 3600 has a clock that
runs fast consistently. Replacing the board years ago was supposed
to help, but didnt. We too have seen a case where the date jumps
ahead by a day without explanation, but that is a different thing.