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more about time

>>>>From: ESC@STONY-BROOK.SCRC.Symbolics.COM (Eric S. Crawley) 
>>>>When booting at a non-standalone site with a non-embedded system, a
>>>>will be made on the primary network (Chaos only for pre-8.0) for the time
>>>>day.  Since the primary network can only be chaos before 8.0, only lispms
>>>>respond.  The responses to the broadcast are collected and the median time
>>>>chosen for the status line time.  If the broadcast fails to get any
>>>>pre-8.0 machines would give you a nasty prompt in the cold-load asking you

>>>>type the time.  In 8.0, this has been changed so the calendar clock will be

>>>>the time is when the calendar clock is broken or uninitialized.  After t
>>>>machine is booted the time is kept by the software.                        
This makes the autoboot feature pretty useless in 7.2 then, right?  I have
a 3650
display.  It's set up for autoboot so that if there is a power glitch, we could
start recording again ASAP.  The power went off yesterday, and when I checked
this morning, the machine was waiting for the time to be typed in.  Am
I missin