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ILA NFS (hiding version number)

   Date: Mon, 12 Mar 90 19:59:55 PST
   From: felix@Warbucks.AI.SRI.COM (Francois Felix INGRAND)

   GNUemacs provide the capability to have numeric version file on UNIX machine. I
   changed the code in such a way that these files are hidden (by prefixing their
   basename with a dot .) So they are still present, but they do not show up when
   you do a plain "ls".

   I think it is a very nice feature, because after all you do not want to see all
   these numeric files all other your directories. I wanted to do the same
   thing with ILA NFS (which provides numeric version file in a similar way).
   Unfortunately, we do not have the sources, and I could not find any variable
   which would toggle such setting.

   Any hints or patch?


Here is the result of "Show Callers NFS:*UNIX-PSEUDOVERSION-SUFFIX*" in
Genera 7.2.  It *should* be a complete list of functions that know how to
parse and format versioned Unix pathnames.  Since you don't have a source
license for this stuff (although I thought it was in the Basic source
category) I don't think I could send you source patches; you might be able
to do what you want by disassembling and advising these functions.  I
expect several of these functions have changed drastically or gone away,
and several other functions to have been added, in Genera 7.4.3 and beyond
(the UNIX-WITH-VERSIONS system type has been functionally replaced by
directories with the ".sct" suffix).