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Problems with X Remote Screen

    Date: Tue, 13 Mar 90 15:56:20 MDT
    From: andreasg@boulder.Colorado.EDU (Andreas Girgensohn)

    The system X Remote Screen (from ILA) allows to use a Lisp machine as an X
    Windows client.  Unfortunately, if the system is loaded, mouse blinkers are
    not removed correctly from the screen of the local console (I don't know
    what happens on an X server, I use only the local console).  After a while,
    there are several mouse characters on the screen that disappear only after a
    refresh.  We are using version 9.0 of the system X Remote Screen.  Does
    anybody know of a newer version or has a bug fix?

If you're using X Remote Screen in Genera 7.2, this is a well known
problem.  Prior to the development of embedded Ivory systems (MacIvory,
UX400S), the Genera window system implementation was not designed to
support remote consoles.  ILA did the best they could at shoe-horning
the remote screen capability into Genera, but it is an imperfect fit.
They had to patch many low-level functions to make this work.  The
window system has many assumptions about the console interface that are
violated once the patches are installed.  The fact that it works at all
is an amazing achievement, and you have to live with the glitches.

As I mentioned, the window system console interface was redesigned in
7.3Ivory to support using a Macintosh window as the console.  And X
Remote Screen is now the mechanism used by the UX400S to communicate
with its console, which must be an X window.  Genera 8.0 will include
this redesigned console interface, and X Remote Screen will then fit in