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document examiner

    I agree with the various people who find the document examiner
    to be *far* superior to the printed manuals (our 7.2 set
    is still in shrinkwrap.)
	    However, it seems to me that the organization of the
    subject nodes within the examiner is currently much poorer
    than it was under 6.1 (the first examiner release).

I agree.  The separation of, e.g., the section on the OPEN function from
the "File-opening Options" section can lead to great frustration unless you
memorize topic names.  I guess this sort of thing was done (rather broadly,
I might add) so that there could be more complete cross-references, but
this comes at the expense of overall ease-of-use.  This is especially true
for the new user, who needs the documentation most and would benefit most
from intuitive organization.  Searching for things you haven't looked at
before is harder than it was in 6.1, and you usually have to take more
steps to get where you're going.

But I still like DocEx a whole lot better than the paper.