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Compiling CLOS methods.

    Date: Thu, 15 Mar 90 09:56 PST
    From: RDP@ALAN.kahuna.decnet.lasc-research.lockheed.com (Robert D.

    Can anyone tell me whether a CLOS analogue of COMPILE-FLAVOR-METHODS is
    available in Genera 8.0?  The document "Getting Ready for CLOS" has the
    entry "S-CLOS extension".  But the 8.0 Beta documentation seems to be
    completely mute on this topic (I used the Document Examiner to quickly
    and efficiently check :-) ).  Do I no longer need to worry about
    including a form to explicitly do this?  (It always seemed like just so
    much baggage anyway.)

Genera 8.0 will not have such a thing, but Genera 8.1 might.  For now,
you don't need to worry about it.