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Help me put bitmaps in dynamic windows, please.

I am using Genera 7.1 (I can't upgrade), and an 8 bit color screen. I want to
put bitmaps into the history of a dynamic window on the color screen. The
bitmaps are generated with (MAKE-INSTANCE 'TV:COLOR-BITMAP), to which I send
:DRAW-POINT messages.

The way to do it in 7.2 seems to be to use GRAPHICS:DRAW-IMAGE with the bitmap
I created to put the bitmap in the dynamic window's history.

The only way I've found to do this in 7.1 is not to use bitmaps, but instead to
do individual GRAPHICS:DRAW-POINT operations directly on the window. But this
is intolerably slow even if they're encloded in a single

So is there a way to do it? How about GRAPHICS:DRAW-PATTERN (probably not)?

-- David Cogen.