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domain patches anyone?

  Well, we have tried using our Symbolics machines as the domain server
for our domain.  My comments in general are unprintable.

  After a couple of months of interaction with Symbolics software
support (patches to allow you to set up an in-addr.arpa style domain,
and a couple of others) we simply gave up.

  Problems include machines on the INTERNET that require MX records
before their mailers will work, admittedly a protocol violation
(Symbolics has no way of allowing you to specify MX records when your
domain corresponds to your namespace).  Machines and sites on the
INTERNET that insist that HINFO and WKS records are useless and refuse
to put them in their database (damn Symbolics is so smart that if it
can't parse a directory listing request it assumes humans can't either,
worse yet you have to go digging to find a way just to put the
information from the remote host up on the screen -- what are keywords
in commands for anyway.)

  What really got to me was the attitude that since the DNS system was a
broken concept and thus repugnant to the Symbolics developers, it should
be as difficult as possible to try (as a user) to work with.  I spent
more time explaining that what I really wanted to be able to do is
replace the bind implementation that was serving as our authority (and
physically resides some 1000 miles from here) with a machine that was
local to our ethernet.  The end result is that I've bought a box to run
unix on and will be moving our Symbolics machines to their own crippled
domain as soon as its installed  -- the end user of the Symbolics
machines gets screwed, but there aren't enough hours in the day to make
things work any better.

  On another note I'd like to hear from anyone out there that is using
the Acess Control List (ACL) stuff.  Has anyone patched things so that
once you enable a capability you don't have to keep giving the damn
password every 15 minutes or so (fs:*remember-passwords* has no effect)?