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Re: bundling

I'm going to have to agree with Chris on this one: Few here would use any
layered product other than CLIM: Concordia isn't TeX, and most stuff being
written here are papers, not documentation. And Statice doesn't solve the
database problems we need solved (neither does anyone else's DB). While I
agree that the idea of having a STANDARD OODBMS that one could have in one's
development system and rely on being around for delivered products has some
attraction, I don't think CL should tackle this, and I don't really think
Statice is general enough. I'm not even sure this problem can be solved
generally enough to satisfy everyone!

If the cost of Statice (for developers and for delivered products) is so
high that developers are discouraged from using it, that's an argument that
there is a Symbolics marketing/pricing problem, not an argument that it
needs to be in the standard distribution. Consider: if bundling in Statice
meant Genera licences now cost $20,000. instead of $10,000. how many people
would bother to buy Genera in the first place?

People seem to be confusing "Bundle this in the general distribution" with
"Give me this for free". They are NOT the same thing!