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loan/lease machine in LA Basin area

Does anyone have a machine in the LA area for loan (i.e., it can
be moved away, e.g. a 3620 or, if needed, a 3640) or lease (i.e.
someone came come to use it) at some reasonable cost)?
(Unfortunately, Ivory is no good at this time.) I have a project
that requires, to start, about 2 weeks of machine time; follow-on
will probably involve an additional 2 weeks, and then another 4
weeks contingent on results.

This is for conversion of an existing application written on the
Symbolics.  I need resources appropriate for development in 7.2
(maybe 8.0, but somewhat later); reasonable memory for compiling
and running a large application; I do not need Symbolics system
sources on disk. However my need is immediate, and to quickly
have a machine available and under convenient conditions is the
priority. Even a machine that had to be shipped to get to LA is
possible at this stage. (3620s for sale are also of interest.)

Please reply directly to me. Many thanks.

Paul Pangaro
Voice: 202-547-7775
FAX  : 202-547-6910