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Framethrower Press Release

	Contact:  Susan Zellmann-Rohrer; Symbolics, Inc.; (617) 221-1021
                  Sterling Hager; Sterling Hager, Inc.; (617) 259-1400

Product Backgrounder

Symbolics FrameThrower
     Symbolics' FrameThrower family of high-definition videographics processors and interface modules 
provides high- performance, real-time color graphics and video capabilities for VMEbus-based workstations 
and computers including the Company's 40-bit XL Series workstations.  FrameThrower is the first product 
that supports both high resolution video and graphics, eliminating the barrier between these two worlds.  
It enables users to develop and deliver real-time color applications that require both high resolution 
graphics and video, such as medical imaging, photo reconnaissance, simulation and scientific visualization.  

     The FrameThrower architecture supports one or more powerful videographics processors and a choice of 
several optional video interface modules to provide a cost-effective, customizable system that is readily 
expandable.  The videographics processors provide standard frame buffer capabilities, including flexible 
addressable image memory,  universal genlock across all resolutions, and support for high-speed graphic 
manipulation operations, such as BITBLT and boolean, vector, and scalar operations on large pixel arrays.  
The optional video interface modules allow users to customize their workstation to support the video 
peripherals in their environment.

     FrameThrower is designed to be completely configured in software.  This improves system flexibility and 
eliminates the need for hardware components to support a variety of monitors.  As a result, the FrameThrower  
is uniquely able to display images across the entire range of video resolutions, including all popular broadcast, 
computer and proposed HDTV formats, with a single board.

     FT100, the first product of the FrameThrower family, is a single videographics processor with optional 
analog or digital I/O interface modules packaged as a single 9U VMEbus board.  The FT100 includes eleven 
Symbolics- designed application-specific integrated circuits, or ASICs, which accelerate special-purpose 
graphic operations.  FrameThrower products plug into a workstation's backplane, allowing the workstation 
direct high-speed access to FrameThrower image memory. This memory is software configurable as either one 
large 8-bit array for pseudocolor applications or as a 2 million pixel, 32-bit array for full color applications 
and those requiring overlay planes. 

FrameThrower is a trademark of Symbolics, Inc.

Contact: 	Susan Zellmann-Rohrer; Symbolics, Inc.; (617) 221-1000
		Sterling Hager; Sterling Hager, Inc. ; (617) 259-1400

	--First High-Definition Videographics Processor And Workstation Unveiled

	--Programmable Architecture Ensures Ongoing 'Multi-Standard' Adaptability

             PACE AND DIMINISH THE RISK OF HDTV DEVELOPMENT 		                                        
	-- Emerging Product Family Seen as Potentially Vital OEM Development Tool

	-- New Solution Bridges Computer and High-Definition Video Technology Gap

	BURLINGTON, Mass., March 20 -- Symbolics, Inc., today made two major product announcements that 
could cut years from new product development cycles for scores of international firms banking on the future 
of HDTV-based technology.   The Company unveiled the industry's first commercially-available, high-definition 
videographics processor, called FrameThrower and announced the availability of an all-in-one, high-definition 
videographics workstation incorporating the new FrameThrower processor.  

	According to Symbolics,  current  efforts to develop and bring to market a broad range of  high-definition 
        applications are stymied by technology obstacles which  the FrameThrower uniquely addresses.  FrameThrower 
        offers three primary and immediate advantages: 

	Merges computer and high resolution video technologies enabling  practical solutions for challenging 
        applications from medical imaging to remote diagnosis;

	Supports current and evolving industry standards with a  programmable architecture configurable in real-time; 

	Based on the VMEbus standard providing system integrators with a building block for delivering customized 
        HDTV applications on a variety of workstations.


HDTV Viewed As Cornerstone Technology for the 90s and Beyond
	According to Tom McMahon, development director of Symbolics Graphics Center, FrameThrower 
allows developers, for the first time, to merge computer graphics and high-definition video in real-time, 
eliminating the technology barriers that have previously existed between these two traditionally separate worlds. 
"FrameThrower is a technological gateway to a new class of high-definition applications and the first 
practical product that will support these applications today and tomorrow, thereby reducing new product 
development time and investment risk," commented McMahon.  "We believe that HDTV is a cornerstone technology 
of the information industry for the 1990s and beyond and that FrameThrower is an essential product to advance 
HDTV technology development. " 

Market Demand Accelerating For HDTV Applications
        Symbolics said it expects immediate interest in the new processor and workstation products to come 
from developers focused on building real-time applications including medical imaging, satellite reconnaissance, 
and remote diagnostic applications where high-definition technology can provide enormous payback.  Recently 
the National Aeronautical and Space Administration (NASA) used Symbolics' high-definition technology to analyze 
HDTV video images of the Discovery launch in real-time.  This high-definition system enabled NASA engineers to 
get an instant replay of critical launch systems.  The engineers were able to enhance and enlarge high-resolution 
images of the lift-off in order to analyze the condition of and spot potential problems with space shuttle tiles.  
Without this HDTV capability, engineers would have had to wait a day or more for the availability of conventional 
35mm photographs.  HDTV today can support a level of real-time analysis and decision support impossible with 
conventional technology.   

 Family of Products Scheduled for Launch This Year 
	Symbolics announced plans for a series of products targeted to the high-definition videographics market.  
The Company also announced the first product in the FrameThrower family, the FT100, which supports Symbolics' newest 
HDTV workstation.  Symbolics stated that it is in active discussion with major electronics and computer manufacturers 
regarding development of customized FrameThrower products as an OEM supplier.

	The Company's FT100 will support Symbolics'  XL400 High-Definition ColorStation (HDCS), which is based 
on the Company's popular symbolic processing workstation, the XL400.  With the addition of the FT100, the XL400 HDCS 
brings dramatic performance improvements to existing XL400 color applications and enables the rapid development of 
new high-definition applications.  The XL400 HDCS features a comprehensive software development environment and 
extensive graphics library proven in over 6,000 installations.  


	The FT100 processor add-in board and base-level software library is priced at $23,900 (U.S.).  The 
XL400 High-Definition ColorStation, which includes the FT100, a high-resolution monochrome monitor and the 
color graphics software library is available for $58,800 (U.S.).  This system supports a variety of HDTV 
monitors and projection systems.  Introductory pricing of $18,900 for the FT100 and $53,800 for the XL400 HDCS 
is available through September 30, 1990.  Both systems are scheduled to ship in June, 1990.
     Symbolics, Inc., headquartered in Burlington, Mass., is the leading provider of symbolic processing systems 
used for the development and delivery of sophisticated applications including advanced scheduling and planning, 
large-scale documentation management, and mathematical computation.  The Symbolics Graphics Center (SGC) develops 
and supports advanced hardware and software products for graphics imaging and processing.  The Center is recognized 
as an innovator in displacement and behavioral animation, and high-definition television (HDTV) computer graphics. 

Symbolics, FrameThrower and XL400 are trademarks of Symbolics, Inc.  1990