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RE: SNMP implementation?

At the Kennedy Space Center we are also interested in anyone that has an
implementation of SNMP for the Symbolics.  We use a Symbolics in our Network
Control Center running a locally developed expert system called SNAP (Smart
Network Advisory Program).   Currently we get status on network devices
via PING, HELLO and TELNET (with script commands) but some of the newer
devices on our network are starting to support SNMP.  We have downloaded
the public domain "C" code that implements SNMP on Unix and have purchased
"C" for our Symbolics.  In a few months, we may start a conversion effort
if we can't find someone that has already done/is doing this.  Along the
same lines, is Symbolics working on an OSI implementation?  SNMP uses the
same Abstract Syntax Notation (ASN-1) as used in OSI and it would be a
good starting point.
P.S.  We use alot of 3-com XNS machines on our network.  Has anyone
      heard of an XNS implementation for Symbolics?