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Delete Directory file counting

    Date: Thu, 5 Apr 90 09:54:07 CDT
    From: cox@aio.jesnet.jsc.nasa.gov (Brian Cox)

    I've experienced a problem/bug which I've never
    encountered or noticed. I was doing a backup of a
    directory (carry-dump) which went fine. There were
    345 files dumped.  I returned to delete the 
    dumped directory and the system asked if it could
    delete the directory with 751 files and 21 sub- 
    directories. I'm sure there are only about 345
    files in the directory.  I tested this problem on
    a smaller directory with 17 files. I typed delete
    directory with the recursive path and it asked if
    it could delete the directory with 31 files. Does
    'delete directory' command not know how to count?


I've never seen Delete Directory miscount like this.  Did you say

	Delete Directory HOST:>foo>bar>


	Delete Directory HOST:>foo>bar>**>


The first is the correct form.  In the second case I suspect that it is
counting things multiple times, because it's counting the number of
files in the whole hierarchy, then in the whole hierarchy headed by each
subdirectory, etc.  Since Delete Directory automatically recurses it is
not correct to provide a wild-inferiors pathname.