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C to LISP translator/compiler?

   Date: Thu, 5 Apr 90 14:27 PDT
   From: weaver@RUSSIAN.SPA.Symbolics.COM (Eric Weaver)

       Date: Thu, 5 Apr 90 08:12:50 PDT
       From: nicholls@gallium.boeing.com (William H. Nicholls)

       Does anyone know if a translator exists to convert C into
       Lisp?  I've heard of one going the other way......

       William H. Nicholls                       - nicholls@atc.boeing.com
       Boeing Defense & Space Group              - nicholls@ee.washington.edu
       (let ((*standard-disclaimers* t)) ... )

   Savoir Corp., the Hayward-based manufacturer of factory-automation
   something-or-other, has one.  I don't know if they're hot to share, but
   you might ask.  Tom Lipkis is a contact.

   Eric C. Weaver
   & Assocs., Inc.

how about the lisp -> C converter?  This one could be of some interest and use to me...

Anybody know anything about that one?