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Mathematical Formulas in Concordia?

I am building up online documentation for an Engineering
Modeling Design Support Environment using Concordia. This approach has
been very successfull, excepting that Concordia does not handle math
very well. Our specification is as follows:

1) Each equation must be mouse sensitive and reference an explanation of
its derivation, and assumptions for the range of input
values for which it is applicable. 

2) Each variable in every equation that is documented, must be mouse
sensitive and reference an explanation.

For relatively simple equations, this is pretty straightforward to do in
Concordia, but as the equations become more complex, it becomes a
nightmare.   The immediate solution that springs to mind is to use
Macsyma to generate the equations  (or generate them in Tex) and then
import them as pictures in postscript, but this would mean a loss of
recursive mouse sensitivity. It would be nice if Concordia would allow
inline Tex commands for doing this kind of thing. 

I feel certain that someone out there has faced this kind of problem
before, especially in the publication of papers, and I would be grateful
if you could point me in the right direction, or confirm that I am doing
it the best way possible at present.

Arthur A. Keen
Knowledge Based Systems Lab.
Texas A&M University
College Station
Texas 77843

tel (409) 845 5030
email Arthur@guinevere.tamu.edu