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Mathematical Formulas in Concordia?

   Date: Mon, 9 Apr 90 15:07 PDT
   From: BUNCH@ALAN.kahuna.decnet.lasc-research.lasc-research.lasc-research.LOCKHEED.COM (Walt Bunch)

       Date: Mon, 9 Apr 90 12:31 CDT
       From: ARTHUR@KBS2.TAMU.EDU (Arthur Keen)


       For relatively simple equations, this is pretty straightforward to do in
       Concordia, but as the equations become more complex, it becomes a
       nightmare.   The immediate solution that springs to mind is to use
       Macsyma to generate the equations  (or generate them in Tex) and then
       import them as pictures in postscript, but this would mean a loss of
       recursive mouse sensitivity. It would be nice if Concordia would allow
       inline Tex commands for doing this kind of thing. 


   Definitely!! It would be great if we could in-line (La)Tex in Concordia
   records. Then we wouldn't have to waste time fighting Concordia's
   environment magic. Then we could use Concordia as just a hypertext


right.  This would make Concordia useful as a more portable form of
documentation as well (like, for my unix box, I TeX the documentation, but
when on the lisp machine, the same files would work like hypertext).
Probably asking a lot though.