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A Help Window for an Accept Values Pane?

    Date: Mon, 16 Apr 90 19:37:46 MDT
    From: andreasg@boulder.Colorado.EDU (Andreas Girgensohn)
    I would like to have a separate help window for an accept values pane in a
    program framework.  dw:accepting-values has a help window like that if it is
    called with ":own-window t".  Does anybody know how I can get such a help

Try wrapping this around the top level of your program:

  (let* ((help-window nil)
	   (lambda (continuation stream)
	     (setq help-window (dw::display-own-window-help help-window frame
							    label continuation stream)))))

where frame is the window you want the help-window to be associated with
and label is a string that names your program.  I have not tested this
to see whether it works with a non-own-window.

The special variable dw::*help-displayer* is a hook that controls how most
forms of help are displayed.  The function dw::display-own-window-help is
a routine that puts help in an appropriately sized and positioned pop-up window.