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PC<->Lispm Communication?

    Date: Wed, 18 Apr 90 16:17 EDT
    From: mw06%centauri@gte.com (Mark Weissman)


	    Does anyone know how I can read and write files on
    a PC from the lisp machine.  I'd like to use ZMACS with this 
    stuff.  I have an ethernet card in the PC but no software to
    ftp or anything.  Wasn't there some package that Symbolics and
    GoldHill used?

Yes there was a goldhill package that used chaos protocols but I don't
think they support it anymore.  There's a company by the name of Locus
that sells an x-windows package which includes tcp-ip (ftp, telnet,
etc.).  We've been using that.  But, the problem with the pc is that it
is strictly a user machine.  I don't know of any server type software
for the pc.   
 -Mark Alexander