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CLUE 7.1 Compilation Problems

Machine: Symbolics
OS     : Genera 7.2
CLOS Version: Victoria Day 'PCL
CLX version for X-11 window system release 3

I am trying to compile CLUE and I encountered the following problem.

* When I try to compile "intrinsics.lisp", I get a control stack overflow.
  I then increase the stack size to the maximum.  However, the compilation
  of intrinsics.lisp doesn't seem to end; it goes on forever.  

Has anybody else encountered this problem.  I am using the file defsys.lisp
and using the macro (pcl::operate-on-system 'CLUE :compile).

Thanks in advance for any suggestions and HELP!!


Email: ramu%tcipro.uucp@unix.sri.com