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handling a keyboard interrupt

Hi guys,

I need to be able to trap a keyboard interrupt on the symbolics.  What I'd
like to do is be able to install an alternate function as a handler for
when the user does an abort or ctrl-abort.  The purpose behind all this is
that I have a code which may run for days, and I've installed checkpointing
code which will restart where it left off if it is halted, but rather than
throwing the user into the debugger I'd like to use abort/ctrl-abort to
signal the code to finish its current pass through the inner loop and exit
with a friendly message rather than the debugger.

Probably I'd like to handle an abort within the abort handler as an
immediate exit rather than finishing the inner loop, but this should be
trivial once I figure out how to trap these interrupts.


ser # 2684 for those who care.