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slug-90 announcment (1 of 3)

I received the printed version of the registration form in the mail
today.  I noted one major blunder made by the printer (the stuff I sent
you last week is correct):  they think the conference is now 8 days long
instead of 3.

So, you may either white-out the left hand side of the 8 or you can tell
your manager that this is a really long conference and a great deal at
only $120, but if the conference is bad, you'll do him/her a favor and
come back early since we all know you're such an important asset to your
group.  (whew)

P.S. and if by chance you just happen not to get this message informing
you that the conference is really only 3 days long, then I guess you
might have to stay there for all 8 days :-)