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Symbolics XL1200: Product Announcement

The following product announcement is being sent out by the Symbolics
Marketing Department.

April 23, 1990 

Dear Symbolics Customer:

We're pleased to announce the Symbolics XL1200, the newest member of our
technical workstation family.  The industry's highest performance
symbolic processing workstation, the XL1200 offers outstanding
price/performance for high-end application development.  And for a
limited time, we're offering valued customers special pricing and
trade-in programs to make this superior technology more accessible to
you now.

The XL1200, along with its associated options and peripherals, is
available at a price competitive with most popular, general-purpose
UNIX workstations.  Its wide range of price/performance benefits

o Genera, Symbolics' object-oriented software environment for
rapid program development; 

o Five times the performance of a Symbolics 3640 workstation;

o Greater system reliability which saves you up to 70% off 3600 series
maintenance costs;

o Lower maintenance costs than those of other leading
workstation vendors, including Sun Microsystems; 

o Low-cost delivery options on general-purpose hardware, such as
Macintosh II series computers, 386-based PCs, and Sun
Workstations, via Symbolics coprocessor boards and software
migration products; 

o and Real-time color graphics and video capabilities via FrameThrower,
Symbolics' new high performance, high-definition, videographics
processor that displays images in all available video resolutions,
including popular broadcast, computer, and proposed HDTV formats.

The XL1200 will be available for shipment in June 1990.  For customers
wishing to purchase a system in the short term and realize significant
savings in the long term, Symbolics is now offering our mid-level
XL400 system at a reduced price, along with a special upgrade
package to the XL1200 at the time of system availability.  By taking
advantage of this special upgrade plan, you can obtain the unparalleled
power and performance of the XL1200 for well below list price.

We're also offering programs which allow you to trade in your existing
3600 series machine for an XL1200.  With these trade-in programs,
members of our installed base can enjoy the benefits of higher
performance, better maintenance value and introductory discount pricing.

Act now to take advantage of these outstanding opportunities.  For
detailed performance data and more information on our special
introductory programs, simply fill in the information below and send
your response via e-mail to groberts@riverside.scrc.symbolics.com
(please don't reply to Slug!).  

We look forward to hearing from you.


Jack Slavin 
Vice President

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