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Mouse Blinker

I am porting an medium scale application from Common Windows (the
window system of KEE) to plain Dynamic Windows. Unfortunately, 
there is a feature in CW which I have used extensively but has
no counterpart in DW: in CW you can freely exchange the mouse
cursor by an arbitrary bitmap, not only by another mouse character
like in DW. My application relies on this feature as you can
pick a road map symbol with the mouse, then the mouse changes to
this symbol and you can move the symbol to a rasterized window
to pin it at the place you want.
The particular function in CW is:


afterwards you can do the following:


and your mouse will look like the :BITMAP when it is moved
over <the-window-stream>.

Any ideas would be very very helpful!!

Bernd Wild
Forschungszentrum Informatik FZI
Haid- und Neustr. 10-14
D-7500 Karlsruhe
e-mail:  bwild@fzi.uka.de