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yp-domain-name problem

We are using Yellow Pages on our Symbolics machines, so our MacIvory
namespace server has the following user properties for our site (CMI)


where etsu is our Sun YP server host and +cmi.com is what the unix
command "domainname" returns. 

My problem is that ever since I sent up the namespace server, the Sun
keeps producing the error message:

	yp: server not responding for domain "+CMI.COM";  still trying.

The domain name in the cmi-namespace-objects file is in lower case (+cmi.com),
however, when I Show or Edit the site object it is in upper case
(+CMI.COM).  So, our namespace server seems to be using this upper
case domain name when communicating with YP elsewhere. 

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to force the domain name to
lower case always?


Kristina Fayyad			Center for Machine Intelligence
				Suite 102
tel.  (313) 995-0900		2001 Commonwealth Blvd.
Internet: kristina@cmi.com 	Ann Arbor, MI 48105