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SIMPLE Scrolling Mouse Sensitive Text Window Code

I am running Genera 7.2 on a Symbolics 3670.

What is the SIMPLEST way to build a scrolling window for mouse-sensitive
text? No pictures needed. Not all text mouse-sensitive. Multiple separate
mouse-sensitive times per line. I found it easy to produce a non-scrolling
mouse-sensitive text window, and a scrolling non-mouse-sensitive window,
but combining them has been beyond me so far. I thought I could simply
mixin some scrolling flavour into my mouse-sensitive text window, but no
such luck.

Sorry for such an elementary question - I'm a novice at Symbolics window
system programming.

		Mark Klein, Ph.D.
		Hitachi Ltd.
		Advanced Research Lab
		Hatoyama, Sataima 350

		0492-96-6111 ext. 341