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Mouse Blinker

    Date: Thu, 26 Apr 90 12:42 MET
    From: BWILD%fix%iravcl.ira.uka.de@RELAY.CS.NET (Bernd Wild, FZI)

    I am porting an medium scale application from Common Windows (the
    window system of KEE) to plain Dynamic Windows. Unfortunately, 
    there is a feature in CW which I have used extensively but has
    no counterpart in DW: in CW you can freely exchange the mouse
    cursor by an arbitrary bitmap, not only by another mouse character
    like in DW. My application relies on this feature as you can
    pick a road map symbol with the mouse, then the mouse changes to
    this symbol and you can move the symbol to a rasterized window
    to pin it at the place you want.

DW lets you set the blinker type as well as the blinker character.

:SET-MOUSE-BLINKER-TYPE and the :MOUSE-BLINKER-TYPE init option can be
anything to be passed to TV:MOUSE-SET-BLINKER-DEFINITION.  If you need a
keyword and args, pass a CONS.

This, together with the Genera blinker definition from another
respondent, should be all you need to get going.