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Problem with rmail command in emacs on Ultrix Vax

    Date: Mon, 30 Apr 90 13:30 EDT
    From: Larry Baum <larry@atc.boeing>
    Subject: Problem with rmail command in emacs on Ultrix Vax
    To: slug@Warbucks.AI.SRI
    I am trying to use the rmail command in emacs on a Unix Vax to read my
    mail at home.  My email is forwarded to a MacIvory where it is spooled
    to an inbox, mail.text.
    When I dial up and ftp the inbox file to the Vax and then try rmail, the
    file is parsed as one large message rather than the many messages it
    should be.   This does not happen though if I ftp and read one of my
    mail archive files (in BABYL format).

Symbolics mail.text files are not babyl files, nor are they in any inbox
format recognizable by GNU Emacs RMAIL.

If you want to be able to read your mail on both a Lispm and a Unix
system, you should have it spooled to the Unix system rather than the
Lispm.  Lispms can read Unix mail files, but not vice versa.

Also, in your .emacs file you should put

	(setq rmail-babyl-compatibility " ")

so that it will write true babyl files that Zmail can read.