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Re: Raster image to file

... I would like to dump a color screen to a file in a way analogous
    to <function-Q>.  I would be happy with any format which could then 
    be redisplayed ...

Any format can be redisplayed if you're willing to write the display software.
What you need to do first is to pick a data format that is compatable with 
whatever other display software you have.  Writing the software to
generate this format then could be pretty easy depending on how general
your program needs to be (8 bit color only? 24 bit color?).

If you're hoping for a canned solution from someone else, I think you should 
supply more context.  For example, I have a little program that reads
my 8 bit color screen, and writes out a file in Sun rasterfile format.
These files then can be fed to the software that drives our color printer.
Would this help you?  I don't know.

- Steve Olson
  MIT Lincoln Laboratory