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Re: Raster image to file

I have programs to do the following:

1 - Grab/redisplay X10 images from color screens in 8-bit mode (very minor
    modifications to make this use X11 window format)

2 - Grab/redisplay images from color windows in 24-bit mode. The format I
    call "RAW" since it is just a file of rgb triples + 4bytes size.

3 - Dump an IMAN image into a RAW file, read a RAW file into an IMAN image

4 - Dump an 8-bit IMAN image into GRF format (that is what the the Tek4693
    printer uses. Again it should be simple to modify this a bit to dump
    X11 or any other 8-bit format.)

I can also supply you with a C program that reads the 24-bit RAW file and
quantizes it to a 8-bit GRF file. It does a very good job. Much better than
the 4693 does when you feed it a 24-bit image direct.

If you want any of these programs, they're free.

Bill <bouma@cs.purdue.edu>