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Netbooted bands run slower?

One of my users mentioned to me that he never uses netboot because he
noticed that they run slower than locally-booted bands.  He says that he's
noticed a 10% slowdown from running a netbooted band compared to the
identical band loaded from a local disk.  Has anyone else noticed this?
I'm at a loss to explain why this should be.  The best guess I have is that
the world load files tend to have better disk locality than the paging
files, so when the band is copied into the paging files there's more disk
arm motion required.  But I'm not sure why paging files should be
significantly more fragmented on the disk than world load files.  Most of
our disks were originally formatted at least 2.5 years ago, and have gone
through several Genera releases, so the FEP file systems are likely to be
reasonably fragmented.